У԰Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ£¨¾«Ñ¡28ƪ£© (2023)

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¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª1 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª2 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª3 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª4 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª5 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª6 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª7 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª8 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª9 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª10 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª11 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª12 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª13 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª14 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª15 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª16 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª17 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª18 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª19 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª20 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª21 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª22 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª23 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª24 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª25 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª26 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª27 ¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª28
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У԰Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ£¨¾«Ñ¡28ƪ£© (1)

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª1

¡¡¡¡There are many arguments about the advantages and disadvantages of examination. Some people think examination is the only way to test how examinees have mastered what they have studied and it is the only measurement for examiners to select which persons they need. While, on the other hand, some object that examination can¡¯t measure how the students have really studied. They say it can do nothing but burden the students.

¡¡¡¡As for me, I think for both examiners and examinees, the examination can show what and how much the examinees have mastered. The results of examinations are just like mirrors for both examiners and examinees. Through examination the examiners can know whether they have done well, so that they¡¯ll make much improvement in their work. As far as examinees are concerned, they can not only know how they have studied but also find out what they are still unknown or what they haven¡¯t mastered well. Thus, they will be inspired to make greater efforts to improve their studying method so as to make greater progress. Of course, too many examinations are burdens to both examiners and examinees.

¡¡¡¡In sum, the examination does more good than harm for both examiners and examinees. We must take a correct attitude towards examination. We should take full advantage of it and avoid its disadvantage.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª2

¡¡¡¡Generally speaking, twoay weekends are not only a time for us college students to relax, but also a time to improve ourselves. To test from a week¡¯s hard work, we have plenty of recreation opportunities. We can read to our hearts¡¯ content, can go sightseeing, and can play games with our friends. Some students find partime jobs at weekends so that they can ease their families¡¯ financial burdens.

¡¡¡¡However, some students are just wasting their time. Some spend their time playing cards, and even drinking and eating with their friends. Some spend the whole weekend going traveling and feel tired when they return to school, so that their studies will be greatly affected.

¡¡¡¡As a student, I think the first thing I should do is to go over the lessons. Spending two or three hours in going over lessons every weekend will give me great returns. After finishing my schoolwork, I can do many other things, for example, mountain climbing, watching films and skating. In short, if we plan well, we can achieve a bit on weekends. Otherwise, we¡¯ll get nothing.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª3

¡¡¡¡It¡¯s necessary for college students to know the world outside the campus. For one thing, it can make students know themselves so that they can modify their ways in studies. For another, it will lay foundation for their future career. Finally, they can practice their abilities in management, organization and so on.

¡¡¡¡There are many ways for students to get to know the outside world. First, they can know the world from mass media, such as newspapers, TV, radios, magazines and advertisements which provide information about political events, social news, the latest development in science and technology and so forth. Second, they can know the world from social services, such as job²hunting, private teaching which offer students the opportunities to know the society. Third, students can also make some investigations in factories and villages, talking with the workers or farmers to learn their experiences.

¡¡¡¡As a student, I think the first thing I should do is to study hard to lay a good foundation for my future job. The other thing I can do is to do some partime jobs to gain personal experience about the world outside the campus.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª4

¡¡¡¡Some people seem to have talents for learning languages. They can pick up new vocabulary, master roles of grammar, and learn to write in the new language more quickly than others. Now let¡¯s take a close look at these successful language learners to see what we can get from them.

¡¡¡¡First of all, successful language learners are independent learners. Instead of waiting for the teacher to explain, they try to find the patterns and the roles for themselves. They are good guessers who look for clues and form their own conclusions. When they guess wrongly, they try again. They attempt to learn from their mistakes.

¡¡¡¡Successful language learning is active learning. Therefore, successful learners do not wait for a chance to use the language; they look for such a chance. They are not afraid to repeat what they hear or to say strange things; they are willing to make mistakes and try again. When communication is difficult, they can accept information that is inexact or incomplete. It is more important for them to think in the language than to know the meaning for every word.

¡¡¡¡Finally, successful language learners are learners with a purpose. They want to learn the language because they are interested in the language and the people who speak it. It is necessary for them to learn the language in order to communicate with these people and to learn from them.

¡¡¡¡What kind of language learners are you? If you are successful, you have probably been learning independently, actively, and purposefully. On the other hand, if your language learning has been less than successful, you might do well to try some of the techniques outlined above.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª5

¡¡¡¡Life in the university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected. First of all, we are tightly bound by continual classes, excessive homework and exams; some students complain that we are becoming ¡°exam machines¡±. Secondly, the teaching method is boring; instead of lecturing. Some teachers just ¡°read¡± lessons. Finally, living conditions need to be improved; and food in the dining²hall is far from being attractive and tasteful.

¡¡¡¡In spite of all these adversities we still enjoy our life in the university. During the four²year university study, we cannot only acquire a lot of book learning, but also various activities, such as speech contests. Different social gatherings and dancing parties can provide opportunities to make friends; many of these friendships may last a long time.

¡¡¡¡In short, we should value our life in the university. Four years is only a short period when compared with our whole lifetime. In the university we become mature, and we prepare ourselves for the real world, although there is something unsatisfying, the four years in the university is a worthwhile period in our whole lifetime.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª6

¡¡¡¡What is meant by a true, good student ? A true, good student is one who possesses good morality, sound health, perfect knowledge and various abilities. To attain this, I shall give a few suggestions as follows:

¡¡¡¡First, cultivate good morality. One of the best qualities of a student is good behavior. Bad character is easily scorned and disdained. Polite manners and noble ideas make up a true man. Such evil habits as smoking, drinking, gambling, etc. should be got rid of. Whenever you find something wrong, correct it quickly. You should be sincere to your friends, respectful to your teachers and the elder. In short, you should do everything right.

¡¡¡¡Second, study diligently and put your knowledge to practical use. ¡°Knowledge is power¡±, said Francis Bacon. One will not reach the rich storehouse of knowledge unless he studies carefully: no diligence, no accomplishment. To apply knowledge to practical use is, however, more important. Students ought to apply their learning to something practical to benefit the people.

¡¡¡¡Third, make your body strong and healthy. Health is the key to success. Broken in health, one can do nothing. A sound mind is found only in a sound body. The healthier your body is, the brighter your mind will be, and the higher learning you can attain. So you should never neglect your health. ¡°Work while you work; play while you play¡± is a good way for everybody to observe.

¡¡¡¡With the foregoing three points in mind, you may be ¡°a truly good student¡±.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª7

¡¡¡¡Our English teacher, Miss Liang is the best teacher I have so far. She has not only treated us as her younger sisters and brothers, but is also enthusiastic and conscientious in her teaching.

¡¡¡¡She is thirtyix, but she does not look her age for she is attractive and delicate. In class she is dignified and reserved and after class she plays and jokes with us. She is our friend as well as our teacher.

¡¡¡¡She is never tired of helping us in our work. She patiently answers our questions all in English. Also, we are required to prepare our lessons before coming to class. Furthermore, no matter how many new words there are in the texts, we are told to look up their meanings in the dictionary. She knows how to help her students to achieve the best result in the limited time.

¡¡¡¡With Miss Liang as our teacher, all of us have made amazing progress in our English study. She is both our best friend and best teacher. We all like her very much.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª8

¡¡¡¡Attending schools abroad has many advantages. In the first place, by looking at our own country from the outside,we can clearly see the strong points and weak points of our nation and therefore widen our vision and broaden our minds. Second, while studying in a foreign country, we can travel widely, visiting famous scenic spots and making friends with the local people. Thirdly, we can use the foreign language in our daily life so that our ability in the second language may be improved quickly. But the most important thing in attending a foreign university is to get acquainted with the latest knowledge in science and technology and make use of the first²rate facilities available. For all these advantages, it is really worthwhile to go abroad for education.

¡¡¡¡However, as everything has two sides, there are also some disadvantages in attending a foreign university. The most serious problem is the language barrier. Most of the students who are ready to go abroad do not have adequate proficiency in the language spoken there. Furthermore, the cost of living is much higher than that in our country, so most students have to find partime jobs in order to support themselves. Faced with these difficulties, many students find themselves unable to pay full attention to their studies and some students may even fail in their courses and learn little.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª9

¡¡¡¡The prosperity of a nation depends on the development of education. Throughout the world whatever advance has been made in science and technology is due to education, which brings forth by scientists and inventors. It is never overdone no matter how one emphasizes the importance of education. There is no doubt that countries with undeveloped education will remain poor.

¡¡¡¡Education is as vital to the development of an individual as it is to that of a nation. Of all the elements of success in our careers none is more vital than education. It is not the genius that makes the difference between success and failure. Education is the driving power. In fact, most of the famous people in our times spent many years in studies. Can you name any great men you admire who are not educated persons?

¡¡¡¡Yet some people are still ignorant of its importance. Some parents, especially in the countryside, think that it is unnecessary to send their children to school. Some other parents are so selfish that they have their children work for money. In consideration of the situation, compulsory education must be enforced to ensure that there will be enough educated young people for the future of our country.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª10

¡¡¡¡Selfducation brings success. Though we students have teachers to help us, still we should pay more attention to selftudy. Here are some suggestions.

¡¡¡¡First, read outside our class. Every new book one reads will benefit him in one way or another. The more we read, the more we are benefited. As life is short and knowledge is infinite, we should try to read as many books as we can.

¡¡¡¡Second, improve our memory and reasoning powers. If we read more and more, we can make our memory and reasoning powers improve to some degree. Moreover, we shall be able to write more clearly and correctly.

¡¡¡¡Third, develop our character. When we have formed the habit of reading, we can put into practice what they have taught and build up a good character.

¡¡¡¡In a word, if we want to educate ourselves, the most important thing for us to do is to read not only our textbooks, but also any other books that are within our reach.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª11

¡¡¡¡My schoool life is busy and fantastic. First, we have four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon. We have to get to school before 7:30 because we have a morning class. Second, I like my school life because teachers and my classmates are friendly and helpful. We also have lots of after-school activies. Third, our school environment is very beautiful, the teachers all can make their lesson interesting and instructive. So I like my school life very much.



¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª12

¡¡¡¡Everyone has what happened in their school. Let me tell you something about when I first came to school.

¡¡¡¡I came from grade three, when I didn't know any of my classmates, so I was very strange when I came here. When I first came, I was in the wrong class. It was called Wang Lutong and took me back. It was fun to watch. After I returned to class, I met Mr. Zhu and my lovely classmates.

¡¡¡¡We have to wear jeans and athletic shoes for sports in that school. It's really troublesome, but what year did I know? There are two Korean schools in the school. Oh, that's awesome. Later I heard that only our school could accept it.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª13

¡¡¡¡My school life is very common. I get up at six o¡¯clock every morningfrom Monday to Friday. And the I would go running with my classmates, as our head teacher says health is themost important thing. After running I have to do morning exercises on theplayground. Then I can have breakfast. Having breakfast, I need to have morningreading.

¡¡¡¡Oh, I almost forget that all of the students have to do some cleaningbefore breakfast. There come the various classes. Then noon comes. Havinglunch, I will go to sleep. I often read twenty minutes before I fall asleep. I haveclass in the afternoon. And I still have classes at night. It¡¯s boring, right? ButI have got used to it and enjoy myself at school.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª14

¡¡¡¡I am going to shool from Monday to Friday,and every day in school I am very busy.

¡¡¡¡In the morning,I have four lessons,and in the afternoon I have three lessons.

¡¡¡¡Of course I take two hours to go home for lunch.And we begin classes at 2:30,the school is over at 4:55.After school,sometimes I¡¯ll stay in the classroom.

¡¡¡¡But sometimes I play games with my friends when I go home after school.I think my school life is busy but happy.






¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª15

¡¡¡¡As you may know I am going to shool from Monday to Fridayand every day in school I am very busy¡£

¡¡¡¡In the morningI have four lessonsand in the afternoon I have three lessons¡£

¡¡¡¡Of course I take two hours to go home for lunch¡£

¡¡¡¡And we begin classes at 2£º30the school is over at 4£º55¡£

¡¡¡¡After schoolsometimes I¡¯ll stay in the classroom¡£But sometimes I play games with my friends when I go home after school¡£I think my school life is busy but happy¡£






¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª16

¡¡¡¡First here is our favourite place our beautifui garden many trees and many flowers in it. then you can go into it .Now,you know why we love it right .we can write red and chat in it.(tell you a secret:I like it because it is cool in summer and warm in winter Now,I will tell you more about my friends &teachers. Over here teachers are friendly to us,so we never say a bad word about them.Because of these,students can get good grades at my school.(Would you like to come) I think my school is one of the best schools in the world.Because we have good teachers good students and everything is beautiful. I like it, every at it likes it.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª17

¡¡¡¡One day, just before going to school as usual, a schoolgirl , Xiao Fang complained to her father, who was reading a newspaper, saying school life nowadays was dull, she hated going to school and that school was just like the hell . On hearing what his daughter said , Father , silent all the time , said that it was time she went to school with all her complaints over , for in the father¡¯s eyes , no one could change the present situation.

¡¡¡¡There's no doubt that almost all students dislike school life today , but everyone has the responsibility to end the examination-oriented education . School life should be interesting and colorful , just as the saying goes, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ."

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª18

¡¡¡¡Ñ§Ð£Éú»îµÄÒ»Ìì One day of school life

¡¡¡¡In the morning, we will gather at the plaza and sing the national anthum. After taking the pledge, we will go back to class where lessons will soon began.


¡¡¡¡After a few periods of classes, it¡¯s recess! Recess is the time when we eat and play and go toilet. It¡®s the only time in school where all students were enjoying school life. Too bad it¡¯s only half an hour. After recess, we will go back to class where chucks of lessons start again.


¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª19

¡¡¡¡Everyday we go to our beautiful school in spite of rain or shine. We¡¯ll spend a whole day in school. In the morning, we come to school. Most of us get up earlier to avoid our names to be listed. But of course, there are few students who have no time concept and are always late.

¡¡¡¡With the ring for break throughout the schoolyard, we all become as lively as monkeys! Some of us run or jump in the playground, some skip ropes, play badminton, kick shuttlecock, read some books and the others sit around and chat with each other cheerfully . Recently, we¡¯ll have a sports meeting in our school.

¡¡¡¡So some of the students are very excited about that and they practice a lot.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª20

¡¡¡¡ow time flies! It has three years since I came to the school. Now, it¡¯s time to say goodbye to my teachers and my classmates. But I still remember something unforgettable during these therr years.

¡¡¡¡The most unforgettable one is our playground. Our playground is not very big, but it always reminds me of my best friend. I was not good at P.E., so my best friend used to help me with it. We ran together after class so that I could pass the exam. During those days, not only did I make great progress but our friendship got stronger and stronger.

¡¡¡¡However, we are going to study in different schools. Although we can¡¯t see each other every day, our friendship never end. You will always my best friend no matter what happens.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª21

¡¡¡¡I study in a high school now, this is my second year, I will be soon finishing my high school class. After a year¡¯s study, I have known clearly what I want, as a high school student, my expectation in high school is of course about my study. First, I want to learn English well. I love English, I want to choose it as my major when I go to college.

¡¡¡¡Comparing to other subjects, I don¡¯t have much interest in math, geography and so on. I find English interests me, when I see the movies, I like to see the original one, which means I will listen to the English. Learning English well helps me understand the movie better. Second, I want to go to college, so I must work hard to accomplish the dream. Going to college is my future dream, I work so hard for it, so I must learn as more as I can to fulfill myself.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª22

¡¡¡¡High school is regarded as the best time in a person's life. As a senior three student, it won't take long before I graduate. Now, I have much to share with my

¡¡¡¡fellow students.

¡¡¡¡Firstly, I would like to show my appreciation to those standing by me all the way, teachers, parents and friends included. Without their help and advice, my life would be different. Secondly, it's high time to say sorry to classmates whom I hurt or misunderstood. Communication and smiles act as bridges to friendship. Above all, I've made up my mind to make every effort to study, for I believe hard work is the key to success. Just as the old saying goes, "no pains, no gains."

¡¡¡¡Finally I hope that all the younger fellows can make full use of time, because time and tide wait for no men.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª23

¡¡¡¡ÎÒµÄѧУÉú»î My School Life

¡¡¡¡Howtime flies! It has been three years since I came to the school. My school isbeautiful and there are many beautiful flowers and trees. The teachers are sokind though there is always too much homework. My classmates are all veryfriendly to each other. We always help each other. I have learned a lot fromthem and made a lot of friends. I enjoy my school life. However, I don't dowell in math. I¡¯ll try my best to study math during the summer holidays. NowI'm going to say goodbye to my teachers and classmates. I'll miss my schoollife.


¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª24

¡¡¡¡Myname is Tom Lee. I am fourteen. I study at No. 4 ICT School, not a very bigschool. There are about six hundred students in my school. There is only onebuilding in our school, but we have a very big playground. There are tencomputer labs and one library in the building, and there are many computerbooks in the library. We often go there in the afternoon.


¡¡¡¡Weare busy every day. We have four classes in the morning, and two in theafternoon.


¡¡¡¡ICTis my favorite subject and our ICT teachers are very patient and helpful. I amgood at ICT, but bad in history.


¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª25

¡¡¡¡Hi£¬My old friend, long time no see, how are you? I really enjoy my campus life, I think you would like to know about it.

¡¡¡¡Every morning I go to school on foot, 6:40, morning¡¯s fresh air makes me feel energetic.

¡¡¡¡7£º00 clabegan. I learn English language£¬ mathematical£¬ biology historical and political geography

¡¡¡¡I have favorite subject, also have dislike subject, I like English best because it is interesting and studious, in the future work, the English study also play a imporant role.

¡¡¡¡I don't like math because it is very boring. But I have to try my best to learn it well, because it trains my way of thinking.

¡¡¡¡Night after school I often play basketball with our classmates, it is my favorite way to relax.

¡¡¡¡I love my campus life

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª26

¡¡¡¡Some people say that campus life is boring, but I think campus life is colorful

¡¡¡¡In class, we discussed the intense, comment on each other. Once, I order a problem with his classmates, everyone can not reach a consensus. Each one sticks to his own view, then, we solve the problem calmly, and everyone. After class, my teacher and I talk together, playing chess, we talk about harmony. After the meal, the students get awfully; tell each other thoughts, solve problems, make our friendship stronger. Everyone laughed, cried, encounter difficulties to help each other. The school meeting each other, each other, failed students we encourage him, to make him regain confidence, not discouraged.

¡¡¡¡The campus life is colorful, so I gained insight into the joy of learning.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª27

¡¡¡¡Although I¡¯ve had a busy school life in the past three years, getting along with such amazing classmates has made me the luckiest person in the world.

¡¡¡¡In one of those unforgettable days, we had a basketball game. During the tough time, I could feel that everyone in my class was so concentrated that our hearts were beating together fast. We brought the players not only encouragement but also some real help and skills. Though there were only three people on the front line, I knew it was 39 people fighting side by side and we would never give up. At last, we won the game. With great excitement, all of us jumped around and burst into tears.

¡¡¡¡There¡¯s no doubt that we¡¯ll always go through hard times together and I¡¯ll never forget the happiness we shared. I love my school life with my lovely Class 3.

¡¡¡¡Ð£Ô°Éú»î´óѧӢÓïËļ¶×÷ÎÄ Æª28

¡¡¡¡I have studied in my middle school for three years.My life in middle school is rich and I have learned a lot. I get knowledge from text books as well as from extra curricular activities. I studied hard in the past three years so that I got perfect scores. But, I also attach importance to other aspects, such as making friends, hobbies, health and sports.

¡¡¡¡I build good relationships with my classmates. They become an important part of my life.I like to chat with them after class that makes me relax and comfortable. My hobby is swimming. Every Sunday morning, I go to swim with my friends or my father. When I have fun, I build a healthy body. It's so great to me. In one word, my life in middle is colorful and unforgettable.











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