How to Decipher Gmail Gibberish (Published 2009) (2023)


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Q. I sometimes get garbled messages in my Gmail account. Is there anything I can do to make these readable?

A. To account for the various characters and accented letters used around the world, different mail systems use different text encodings. When you get a message, Gmail tries to guess what encoding the sender used so that it can properly open and display the message.

If Gmail guesses wrong, you usually end up with a screen full of gibberish because the message wasn’t translated properly from one encoding to the other. And you can get gobbledygook if your browser’s default text encoding does not recognize certain characters in the message.

If you get a messed-up message, click on the arrow next to the Reply button in Gmail and select the “Message text garbled?” option. Gmail should then open a plain-text version of the message in a new window.

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If you have consistent problems with garbled messages, you might try adjusting the text encoding settings of your browser to see if it makes things anymore readable. Most browser programs keep the encoding options under the View menu. (Stand-alone e-mail programs also have text-encoding settings.)

The Gmail Help site also has tips for dealing with garbled file attachments at


How do I read Gmail gibberish? ›

If you get a messed-up message, click on the arrow next to the Reply button in Gmail and select the “Message text garbled?” option. Gmail should then open a plain-text version of the message in a new window.

How do I fix garbled text in Gmail? ›

This is known as "garbled text" and can be caused by the encoding used by the sender's email system. One workaround is to use the Message text garbled option within Gmail. When viewing a message click the down arrow next to Reply at the top-right of the message pane and select Message text garbled.

How do I fix gibberish emails? ›

If you have consistent problems with garbled messages, you might try adjusting the text encoding settings of your browser to see if it makes things anymore readable. Most browser programs keep the encoding options under the View menu. (Stand-alone e-mail programs also have text-encoding settings.)

Why is my email showing up in code? ›

1) Some email programs will display multi-part messages as garbled code or an attachment if an email message doesn't contain both HTML and plain text content. To avoid this add either plain text or HTML content to your campaign if one or the other is missing.

Does the Gmail trick still work? ›

Dots in a Gmail address don't matter

While some e-mail providers allow for address variations using dots, Google has decided to ignore periods in its users' e-mail addresses altogether. Translation: Any combination of your e-mail address and those little dots is sent to the exact same inbox.

Why is Gmail Repusing confusing? ›

When users reply to the same email the conversation turns into a thread mail. This often creates a sense of confusion that is created owing to it being a threaded conversation.

Why is email garbled? ›

An email with garbled text can be caused by the use of non-standard email system, which does not specify the message encoding scheme, by the sender. To view the email, you can select a suitable character set in the browser. Right click on the webpage, then choose "Encoding" and select a suitable code.

Why do I see strange characters in email messages? ›

If you are seeing strange characters appear in emails, you can change the Character Encoding. We always recommend the default, which is Western (ISO-8859-1), but you can change it to UTF-8 by going to Tools menu / Options / Display / Formatting / Advanced... button / Character Encoding.

How do I change text encoding in Gmail? ›

Gmail: Click on the Gear at the top right corner next to you email address and select Mail settings. Under the General tab go to the bottom and change Outgoing message encoding to: Use Unicode (UTF-8) encoding for outgoing messages. Then click Save Changes> button at the bottom.

How do I get rid of Gmail ghost? ›

  1. Go into your inbox in your Gmail account. Log in to your own Gmail account and go into your inbox.
  2. Click the arrow next to the small box under the search bar. ...
  3. Click Unread. ...
  4. Get back to your inbox. ...
  5. Select all unread mail. ...
  6. Press Delete and you're done.
30 Mar 2022

What is a ghost email? ›

What is a Ghost Email? Emails that are deleted from the profile but are actually present in the email server are Ghost Emails. Such mails appear due to a sudden power failure or malware issue.

How do I read my Gmail code? ›

How to View the Source Code of a Gmail Message
  1. Open the message for which you want to see the source code.
  2. Locate the top of the email where the subject, sender details, and timestamp are located. ...
  3. Select Show original from that menu to open a new tab that displays the email's source code.
11 May 2022

How do I read the HTML code of an email? ›

In Microsoft Outlook, double-click to open an email. You'll see an “Actions” menu under the “Message” tab. Click on that menu and select the “Other Actions,” then click on “View Source” to see the HTML code. Regardless of what your default text editor is, the HTML file will open as a .

What is code in Gmail? ›

A Google verification code is a short numeric code that's sometimes sent to your phone or email address, which you use to complete a task like password recovery. It's an added security step that ensures only you (or someone else who is authorized to access your Google account) gains entry.

What is the +1 Gmail trick? ›

By simply adding a + to the end of your username (but before the "@") you can create infinite variations of your Gmail address. For example, will direct email to your main address without giving it away to spammers.

What is the most untraceable email? ›

7 Anonymous Email Account Providers
  • ProtonMail. ProtonMail is one of the best anonymous email service providers and it's free! ...
  • Tutanota. In many ways, Tutanota is right up there with ProtonMail — you can't really go wrong with it. ...
  • Mailfence. ...
  • AnonAddy. ...
  • Private-Mail. ...
  • Hushmail. ...
  • CounterMail. ...
  • 1. Yahoo! Mail.
1 Nov 2022

How do you scrub a Gmail account? ›

If your Gmail inbox is cluttered, overwhelming, or just poorly organized, try these steps for how to clean up your Gmail inbox:
  1. Delete big attachments. ...
  2. Delete entire categories. ...
  3. Unsubscribe from annoying lists. ...
  4. Block unwanted senders. ...
  5. Delete by sender. ...
  6. Delete by date. ...
  7. Delete by content. ...
  8. Create new labels.

How do I read an email thread? ›

From any mail folder, such as your inbox, select View > Show as Conversations to toggle Conversation view on or off.

Why is my Gmail all messed up? ›

Causes of Gmail Errors

On the user side, the cause might be a poor internet connection, a forgotten password, or a configuration error. On Google's side, the site might be down or could be experiencing a glitch arising from an update.

How does Gmail algorithm work? ›

Gmail employs a number of AI-driven filters that determine what gets marked as spam. These filters look at a variety of signals, including characteristics of the IP address, domains/subdomains, whether bulk senders are authenticated, and user input.

What do you do if you have weird emails? ›

Report Spam

If you get an unwanted email, there are two ways to report it. Forward unwanted or deceptive messages to: your email provider (like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo). Most email services include buttons to mark messages as junk mail or report spam.

What is garbled message? ›

If words or messages are garbled, they are not clear and are very difficult to understand, often giving a false idea of the facts: There was a strange garbled message on my voicemail. Synonyms. confused. disconnected.

What does a spoofed email look like? ›

If the email is spoofed, the received field information won't match the email address. For example, in the received filed from a legitimate Gmail address, it will look something like "Received from ' domain of'" and then the actual email address.

Is it OK to open weird emails? ›

The good news is that opening a suspicious email, while not ideal, is relatively harmless. Spam emails only become a serious cyber threat if you've committed any of the following actions: Downloaded any malicious files or email attachments.

Why do some emails look like Chinese writing? ›

Open Outlook, click on File> Options> Language> under Edit languages, check if another language is enabled, if so, select it and click on Delete. This problem must be on the client side and not on the server side. Also try reading the message in HTML format to see if the same problem occurs.

How do I fix text encoding? ›

You can specify the encoding standard that you can use to display (decode) the text.
  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Scroll to the General section, and then select the Confirm file format conversion on open check box. ...
  5. Close and then reopen the file.
  6. In the Convert File dialog box, select Encoded Text.

How do I check email content type? ›

You need to look at the email messages header.
1 Answer
  1. Open the message in a new window in Outlook.
  2. Select View | Options... from the message's menu.
  3. All header lines appear under Internet Headers at the bottom of the dialog that comes up.
21 Feb 2018

What is Unicode in email address? ›

Unicode is a standard for encoding characters in different languages as well as symbols, emoticons, and pictograms. For example, U+1F355 is not just random letters, numbers, and symbols pulled together, but a Unicode symbol for a slice of pizza. You typically see Unicode characters in email subject lines as emoji.

Why is Gmail hiding emails? ›

Google is trying to help you focus on only the important emails, so it segregates emails according to those types for you. That makes your inbox smaller and more manageable, while still giving you the ability to see all your email. One other thing you can do is to look at all your emails in one big list.

How do I fix Gmail bug? ›

  1. Close and reopen Gmail.
  2. Try Gmail in another browser.
  3. Check to see if Gmail is down.
  4. Clear your Google storage space.
  5. Make sure you have a solid internet connection.
  6. Restart your computer.
  7. Disable your browser plug-ins.
  8. Clear your browser cache.
21 Jan 2022

What are 4 indicators of a suspicious email? ›

What are the key signs of a phishing email?
  • An unfamiliar greeting.
  • Grammar errors and misspelled words.
  • Email addresses and domain names that don't match.
  • Unusual content or request – these often involve a transfer of funds or requests for login credentials.

What are four suspicious email signs? ›

Requests for personal information, generic greetings or lack of greetings, misspellings, unofficial "from" email addresses, unfamiliar webpages, and misleading hyperlinks are the most common indicators of a phishing attack.

What is slam method? ›

The SLAM acronym can be used as a reminder of what to look for to identify possible phishing emails. The SLAM acronym stands for sender, links, attachments, message. Sender: when hackers send phishing emails, they often mimic a trusted sender's email address to trick recipients into opening the email.

What are blind emails? ›

If you add a recipient's name to the Bcc (blind carbon copy) box in an email message, a copy of the message is sent to that recipient, but that name is not visible to other recipients of the message.

What are dummy emails? ›

How do dummy emails work? The concept of temporary email accounts is simple. You create them with one of the dedicated services or by setting things up on your own. You get a unique email address that can receive (and sometimes also send) emails and can be used for any purpose.

What is black emailing? ›

Black lists group emails, IP addresses or domains that were previously reported as messages disseminators and considered spam (unwanted advertisement). Usually the complaint is made by recipients of these messages after receiving these emails.

How do I find my 6 digit Gmail code? ›

Create & find a set of backup codes
  1. Go to your Google Account.
  2. On the left, click Security.
  3. Under "Signing in to Google," click 2-Step Verification. You may need to sign in.
  4. Under "Backup codes," click Continue .
  5. From here you can: Get backup codes: To add backup codes, click Get backup codes.

Why is my Gmail showing HTML code? ›

If you're using a browser that isn't supported, you'll see Gmail in HTML view.

How can I access my Gmail account without code? ›

Login to Google Account Without Verification Code
  1. Find a Device Where You are Already Logged in. This might not be a possibility for many people. ...
  2. Try Logging in on a Trusted Device. ...
  3. Try Logging in on a Familiar Wi-Fi Network. ...
  4. Get Help from Google.
27 May 2021

How do I extract HTML from Gmail? ›

Click File > Save As to open the Save As dialog window. Select HTML from the Save as type drop-down menu. Enter a file title, and choose a folder to save the email to. Then press the Save button.

What is a six-digit Google code used for? ›

To verify your number, Voice provides a six-digit code: If it's a mobile number, click Send code and Voice sends the code in a text message to the phone. If it's a landline number, click the verify by phone link, and then click Call. Voice calls the phone number and gives the code.

How many lines of code is Gmail? ›

Google is powered by billions of lines of code. But just how much goes into Google's internet services might surprise you. The figure is 2 billion — that's 5,000 as many lines of code as the original space shuttle.

What code is Google coded? ›

Python has been an important part of Google from the company's beginning. Python is recognized as an official language at Google, it is one of the key languages at Google today, alongside with C++ and Java.

Can you read a Gmail message without opening it? ›

Turn on preview pane

On your computer, go to Gmail . See all settings. scroll to Reading pane. Check the "Enable reading pane" box.

Why do I get gibberish emails? ›

An email with garbled text can be caused by the use of non-standard email system, which does not specify the message encoding scheme, by the sender.

How can I read full messages without opening them? ›

  1. Turn on Airplane Mode and Read Messages. One way to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening the App and sending Read Receipts is to put your phone in Airplane Mode and then read the messages. ...
  2. Disable Read Receipts in WhatsApp. ...
  3. Use “Unseen App” ...
  4. Use “Blue tick, last seen hider App”

How can I read an email without it being marked as read? ›

Change how and when messages are marked as read

Select File > Options > Advanced. Under Outlook panes, select Reading Pane. Uncheck the boxes for Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane and Mark item as read when the selection changes. Click OK twice to return to Outlook.

What is a ghost note email? ›

Anyone who has worked directly for a battalion commander or above probably has experience writing “ghost notes.” These are emails a subordinate writes and addresses for their boss to send to other people.

Do Spammers know if you open their email? ›

Can Scammers See That I Opened Their Email? It depends. Scammers will be able to tell that you opened an email if you download any attachments or click any links (which you should NEVER do), or if your email client automatically loads any images that are embedded in the message.

Can someone hack your Gmail with just your email address? ›

Can someone hack your email with just your email address? If a hacker knows your email address, they can use a variety of email hacking techniques to crack it. They can send you phishing emails or try to crack your password.

How do you open an unknown email? ›

Email etiquette for addressing unknown/external recipients:
  1. If you don't know the gender of the recipient just use "Dear First Name, Last Name". ...
  2. If you must absolutely be formal, stick with the good ol' "Dear Sir/Madam". ...
  3. For an email exchange - note that it's all about the dance.
2 Jun 2015


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