初中英语中考复习形容词比较级最高级练习题(共两组附参考答案解析和知识点整理).doc (2023)


1、初中英语形容词比较级最高级练习题班级 考号 姓名 总分 (一)一、用表中所给词的比较级或最高级填空lateoldyoung x2cheapfasthardtallexcitinglongold1.The movie lasted _ it was expected.2.I find detective stories _ any other ones.3.Steve was much _ all of his classmates4.Although she looks younger, she is _ of the two.5.We could barely catch _ train t

2、o London.6.Tom put up his hand to solve _ question on the worksheet.7.The man went to all the shops to find _ shoes he could find.8.I dont think we could have come any _.Besides, there was a traffic jam.9.Of his three daughters, the king loved _ best.10.Edward is _ his twin Fernando since Fernando w

3、as born first.二、用表中所给词的比较级或最高级填空longthinpopulatedgood x2crowded x2much1.The Volga is _ river in Europe and the 16th longest one in the world.2.Istanbul is _ city of Turkey.3.The theater was _ than the stadium.4.He is living on the worlds _ island.5.Both my parents are working, but my mother makes _

4、money than my father.6.Leyla used to be _ until two years ago but she has gained a lot of weight, so she is overweight now.7.My classmate Jakes English grade is _ than mine.8.In fact, Jakes grade is _ of the class.三、用表中所给的短语来完成句子much funnierthe least developeda lot more complicatedmuch more interest

5、ingless coldThe oldestmuch worsethe more suitableMany more peoplefar more expensivethe most influentialthe safest1.I heard a little polite laughter when I told my jokes but every one laughed loudly when Gaby was telling hers.Her jokes are always _ than mine.2.The negative effects of watching too muc

6、h television are _ than they appear to be at first glance.3.The Japanese islands have a climate modified and moderated by the sea; winters are _ than in those areas that are in the same latitude on the Asian continent.4.Only by multilateral action, can we give people in _ countries the chance to esc

7、ape the ugly misery of poverty, ignorance and disease.5.That movie we saw last night was _ than the one on television.6._ known dam, an engineering wonder of the ancient world, lies near Marib, once the home of the Queen of Sheba.7.I broke my nose in a football game yesterday.Today its very painful.

8、For same reason, the pain is _ today than it was yesterday.8._ die in car accidents than in plane accidents.Statistics show that driving your own car is more dangerous than flying in an airplane.9.Marcel Duchamp is considered as one of _ artists of the 20th century by the modern art world.10.From my

9、 point of view, of the two applicants, the latter one is _ for the post.11.It is _ to live in London than any other city in Britain.Rents are much higher and it is difficult to find accommodation of any kind.12.Titanic was said to be _ ocean liner in the world.When it set sail, all the cabins were f

10、ull, from the most expensive to the cheapest ones on the lower deck.(二)一、写出下列形容词或副词的比较级和最高级。131.small2.late3.short4.nice5.tall6.large7.young8.heavy9.long10.early11.strong12.easy 13.old 14.light15.busy 16.low17.slowly18.high 19.pretty20.slow21.fast 22.funny23.dirty24.high25.beautiful26.hard 27.intere

11、sting28.cheap29.expensive 30.bright31.important32.dark 33.different34.cool35.excited36.fat37.good/ well38.big39.bad/ill40.thin41.far42.hot 43.many/much二、选择题( )1.Xie Na is _ than He Jiong.A.tallB.tallerC.more tallerD.tallest( )2.I love Liu Yifei because she is becoming _.A.more and more beautifulB.be

12、autiful and beautifulC.handsome and handsomeD.more and more handsome( )3 The more careful you are, the mistakes youll make.A.moreB.lessC.fewerD.most( )4.- What does your brother look like now?-Oh, he is much_ than before.A.strongB.strongerC.strongestD.too strong( )5.- How are you today, Kangkang?- I

13、m even _ now.I dont think the medicine is good for me.A.betterB.worseC.happierD.unluckier( )6.- Which coat is_ on me, the blue one or the black one?- The blue one.A.goodB.betterC.bestD.the best( )7.The 2010 World EXPO is held in Shanghai.Its theme is “City,_ Life”.A.Stronger, StrongerB.Happier, Happ

14、ierC.Better, BetterD.Richer, Richer( )8.Which season do you like , spring, summer, fall or winter?- Fall, its harvest time.A.wellB.betterC.bestD.the best( )9.Beijing, the capital of China, is one of _ cities in the world.A.the biggestB.biggerC.much biggerD.big( )10.Jim is_ of all the boys.A.cuteB.cu

15、terC.cutestD.the cutest三.词形变换1.easy (反义词)2.busy (比较级)3.big (最高级)4.hungry (比较级)5.new (反义词)6.well (比较级)7.worst (原级)8.Red (比较级)9.nice (最高级)10.little (比较级)11.China (形容词)12.cheap (反义词)四.用括号里适当形式的词填空1.We dont have _ (many, much )snow here.2.There are a _ (few, little ) eggs in the box.3.He speaks English

16、_ (slow, fast).4.I cant read this word, _ (either, too).5.He plays tennis _ (good, well).6.Im fifteen years _ (tall, old ,long, big).7.I have _ (much, any, a little, some )friends in New York.8.Please give me _(a piece, many, a few) of paper.五.按要求完成下列句子1.I have a lot of old coins.I have _ old coins.

17、2.That is a big bird.That _ is _.3.I have no brothers.I _ have _ brothers.4.She _ very fast.She is a very _ runner.六.汉译英1.我妈妈和他妈妈一样老。 2.我想你不如我跑得快。 3.黄河是我国最长的河流之一。 4.他的字(书法)是我们学校最好的。(用比较级和最高级两种句型) 5.他越来越认真了。 6.俄语比英语难得多。 七.选择填空1.The sick man finally got_.A.good B.fine C.well D.more2.Our city is _ your

18、s.A.as bigger as B.as bigger thanC.biger than D.as big as3.Little Sandy is now much _ than he was 3 years ago.A.happy B.more happierC.happier D.happyer4.The Huanghe River is not so _ as the Changjiang River.A.longer B.long C.longest D.along5.Alice sings _.She sings best in her class.A.well B.good C.

19、better D.very better6.Theres _ with the recorder.A.anything wrongB.wrong anythingC.something wrong D.wrong something7._next time.A.More be careful B.Be careful moreC.More careful D.Be more careful8.His sister is _ than he.A.younger five years B.five years youngerC.five year youngerD.five younger yea

20、rs9.Its summer now, the weather is getting _.A.hot and hot B.hotter and hotterC.hottest and hottest D.colder and colder10.We all agreed that he was stronger than_.A.I lookedB.I was lookedC.he looked D.he was looked11.He is _ to me.A.friend B.friendlyC.friendship D.friendful12.The old man lives alone

21、.He feels _.A.alone B.lonely C.lone D.alone13.John gives me more help than_.A.Tom is B.Tom hasC.Tom does D.Tom gives14.The play is _ worth _.A.very, seeing B.good, to seeC.well, seeingD.well, to see15.Steel is _ iron.A.different B.different thanC.different from D.different that16.Mike is the oldest

22、boy and is taller than _ boy in the class.A.the other B.any otherC.each D.all17.The U.S.A.is one of _ countries in the worD.A.richer B.richestC.more rich D.the richest18.Im sorry.I havent _ to buy the book.A.enough money B.enough moneysC.some money D.some moneys19.Our room is _ theirs.A.as three big

23、 as B.as three times big asC.as big as three times D.three times as big as20.Our school is a big _.A.four storey building B.building of four storeyC.four storey building D.building four storey附:参考答案(一)一1.longer than这部电影持续的时间比预期的要长。2.more exciting than我发现侦探小说比其他任何一部都令人兴奋。解析:exciting ksat 是多音节形容词,比较级和

24、最高级是在前面分别加 more 和 most.3.taller than史蒂夫比他所有的同学都高很多。4.the older虽然她看起来年轻,但她是两人中年龄较大的。5.the latest我们几乎赶不上去伦敦的最晚火车。6.the hardest汤姆举手解答工作表上最难的问题。7.the cheapest那人去了所有的商店寻找他能找到的最便宜的鞋子。8.faster我想我们来的已经很快。此外,还有交通堵塞。9.the youngest在他的三个女儿中,国王最爱最小的女儿。10.younger than爱德华比他的双胞胎费尔南多小,因为费尔南多第一次出生。二1.the longest伏尔加河是

25、欧洲最长的河流,也是世界上第16长的河流。2.the most populated伊斯坦布尔是土耳其人口最多的城市。3.more crowded剧院比体育场更拥挤。4.most crowded他住在世界上最拥挤的岛上。5.more我父母都在工作,但我母亲比我父亲挣钱多。6.thinner莱拉在两年前以前一直很瘦,但现在体重增加了很多,所以她现在超重了。7.better我的同学杰克的英语成绩比我的好。8.the best事实上,杰克的成绩是班上最好的。三1.much funnier当我讲笑话时,我听到了一些礼貌的笑声,但当加比讲她的笑话时,每个人都笑得很大声。她的笑话总是比我的有趣得多。2.a

26、lot more complicated看太多电视的负面影响比乍看起来要复杂得多。3.less cold日本岛屿的气候受到海洋的影响和缓和;冬天比亚洲大陆同纬度地区的气候要冷。4.the least developed只有通过多边行动,我们才能使最不发达国家的人民有机会摆脱贫穷、无知和疾病的痛苦。5.much more interesting我们昨晚看的那部电影比电视上的那部有趣得多。6.The oldest已知最古老的水坝是古代世界的工程奇观,位于马里布附近,那里曾经是示巴女王的家。7.much worse我昨天在一场足球比赛中摔断了鼻子。今天很痛苦。同样的原因,今天的疼痛比昨天严重得多。8

27、.Many more people死于车祸的人比死于飞机事故的人多得多。统计数据显示,开自己的车比坐飞机更危险。9.the most influential马塞尔杜尚被现代艺术界誉为20世纪最具影响力的艺术家之一。10.the more suitable在我看来,在这两个申请人中,后一个更适合这个职位。11.far more expensive住在伦敦比英国的任何一个城市都贵得多。房租要高得多,而且很难找到任何类型的住处。12.the safest(二)一、略【解析】查阅课本附录,就像动词过去式一样-见一个积累一个图片二、选择题1.【答案】B【解析】句意:谢娜比何炅高。这里是比较级,所以选B.

28、2.【答案】A【解析】句意:我喜欢刘亦菲因为她变得越来越漂亮了。只有A符合题意。3.【答案】C【解析】the比较级+the比较级,mistakes是可数(加s了),few是修饰可数所以C4.【答案】B【解析】由before可知是拿之前和目前对比,是比较级,选B。5.【答案】B【解析】根据“I dont think this medicine is good for me.”可知这种药对我没什么好处,故现在的感觉和吃药之前的感觉作比较,现在是更加糟糕的,故选B。6.【答案】B【解析】根据题意知此处为“这件蓝色的”与“这件黑色的”之间的对比,故为比较级.可排除选项A,C,D.且is为be动词,其后

29、用形容词good,其比较级为better,故选B.7.【答案】C【解析】2010上海世博会的主题是“城市让生活更美好”,better city是更好的城市, better life是更好的生活,better 是Good的比较级形式。8.【答案】C【解析】句意:你喜欢哪个季节,春天、夏天、秋天或冬天?符合题意的只有C.9.【答案】A【解析】句意:中国的首都北京是世界上最大的城市之一,前边有one of时用最高级,BCD都是比较级10.【答案】D【解析】句意:Jim是所有男孩中最高的。由all the boys可以得出用最高级,选D 三.1.difficult (hard )2.busier3.b

30、iggest4.hungrier5.old6.better7.bad / badly8.redder9.nicest10.less11.Chinese12.expensive四. 1.much2.few3.fast4.either5.well6.old7.some8.a piece五. 1.much2.bird, big3.dont, any4.runs, fast六. 1.My mother is as old as his.2.I dont think you run as fast as I.3.The Huanghe River is one of the longest rivers

31、 in our country.4.His handwriting is better than any other student in our school.(比较级)His handwriting is the best in our school.(最高级)5.He is more and more careful.6.Russian is much more difficult than English.七. 1.【答案】C【解析】这里是指这个生病的人最终好了,well在表示身体状况是可以做形容词,表示“好的”身体健康 2.【答案】D【解析】翻译:我们的城市和你们的一样大。原因:as

32、 as 和一样,中间要填形容词的原型,故选择D3.【答案】C【解析】happier 是happy的比较级,括号后是than,显然这里会用到一个比较级。 much,little,far等都可以用来修饰比较级,far more beautiful(漂亮多了)4.【答案】B【解析】so .as 像一样,用形容词原型。选B。5.【答案】A【解析】句意:Alice唱歌很好。她在她的班上唱得是最好的。这里要用固定搭配well,故选A.6.【答案】C【解析】在肯定句中,一般用something,形容词修饰不定代词位于其后,故选C7.【答案】D【解析】(Be)more careful next time.下次

33、小心一点。就填 be,是祈使句。8.【答案】B【解析】句意:他的妹妹比他小五岁。这里要用比较级,选B9.【答案】B【解析】根据题干Its summer now.the weather is getting_.(越来越热)可知句意为:现在是夏天,天气越来越热了.形容词比较级+and+形容词比较级:越来越hot,热的,形容词.比较级hotter.故填:hotter and hotter.10.【答案】C【解析】句意:我们都认为他比看起来要强壮。根据意思来说,只能在CD中选,而look在这里做表语,没有被动语态,排除了D11.【答案】B【解析】句意:他对我很友好。选B12.【答案】B【解析】alon

34、e强调独处这个事实;lonely 孤独的,寂寞的,带有感情色彩。13.【答案】C【解析】句意:John给我的帮助比Tom多。根据意思,这里是比较级,选C14.【答案】C【解析】C 首先worth前填副词,然后worth doing是固定搭配。15.【答案】C【解析】句意:钢和铁不同。be different from,短语,和不同。所以填different from。16.【答案】B【解析】any other表示其他任意一个,所以可以用单数。the other表示他的所有的,符合选项的只有B17.【答案】D【解析】句意:加拿大是世界上最大的国家之一,仅次于俄罗斯。表示形容词最高级的前面用定冠词

35、the;second是副词,前面不用冠词。故选D。18.【答案】A【解析】句意:对不起,我没有足够的钱去买书。选A19.【答案】D【解析】选D。这是一个固定的倍数表达:数词+times+as+adj./adv.+as20.【答案】C【解析】句意;我们学校是一个很大的_。答: 4层楼房。选C形容词比较级和最高级知识点一、变化规则大多数形容词和副词有比较级和最高级的变化,即原级、比较级和最高级,用来表示事物的等级差别。原级即形容词的原形,比较级和最高级有规则变化和不规则变化两种。(1)单音节词加词尾-er,-est来构成比较级和最高级。tall(高的) tallertallestgreat(巨大的

36、)greater greatest (2)以不发音的e结尾的单音节词只加-r,-stnice(好的) nicernicestlarge(大的) larger largestable(有能力的) ablerablest(3)以一个辅音字母结尾的闭音节单音节词,双写结尾的辅音字母,再加-er,-estbig(大的) bigger biggesthot热的) hotter hottestred红色的 redder reddest(4)以辅音字母+y结尾的双音节词,改y为i,再加-er,-esteasy(容易的)easier easiestbusy(忙的)busier busiest(5)以ly结尾的

37、副词,除early-earlier-earliest,其他都是加more most.Slowly-more slowly-most slowlyBravely-more bravely-most bravelyquickly-more quickly-most quickly(6)少数以-er,-ow结尾的双音节词未尾加-er,-estclever(聪明的)cleverer cleverestnarrow(窄的)narrower narrowest(7)其他双音节词和多音节词在前面加more,most来构成比较级和最高级。如:important(重要的) more important most

38、 importanteasily(容易地) more easily most easily (8)一些词的比较级和最高级,可以加-er或 -est,也可以加more或most,如:clever, polite等。(9) 不规则变化有一些词的比较级、最高级变化是不规则的,需要特殊记忆。如:good / wellbetterbestbad / ill/badlyworseworstmany / muchmoremostlittlelessleastfarfartherfarthest(表示距离) / farfurtherfurthest (表示程度)oldolder / elderoldest (

39、表示新旧或年龄) / eldest (表示兄弟姐妹之间的长幼关系)副词的比较级和最高级的构成规则和形容词比较级和最高级的构成规则一样,所不同的是:形容词最高级前面必须用the,而副词的最高级前面的the可带可不带。一些词本身没有比较级和最高级形式,如:right, wrong, full, empty, round, complete, wooden, dead, daily等。long-longer-longestyoung-younger-youngestold-older/elder-oldest/eldestshort-shorter-shortesthigh-higher-highe


41、w-fewer-fewestlate-later-latestangry-angrier-angriestbusy-busier-busiestlazy-lazier-laziesthot-hotter-hottestglad-gladder-gladdestclear-clearer-cleareststrong-stronger-strongestlucky-luckier-luckiestinteresting-moreinteresting-most interestingdifficult-more difficult-most difficultexpensive-more exp

42、ensive-most expensive二、形容词比较级的用法1.两者比较时用形容词比较级,其结构为“.比较级 + than .”。如:Actions speak louder than words.2.在两者之间选择“哪一个更”时,用句型“Which / Who is +比较级, .or .?”。如:Which sweater is cheaper, the red one or the yellow one?3.表示“两者之间最的一个”时,用“the + 比较级”。如:Lucy is the taller of the twins.4.表示“越,越”时,用“the + 比较级,the + 比较级”。如:The more you eat, the fatter you will become.5.表示“越来越”时,用“比较级 + and + 比较级”,多音节词和部分双音节词用“more and more + 形容词原级”。如:We should make our country more and more beautiful.6.形容词比较级前可以用

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